This world needs some Radical Intimacy Restoration. There are many, truly lonely people yearning for validation and genuine experiences. You and I are the answer. Technology is merely the tool. We need creative play that will disrupt our habits of passive technology usage.

Isolated and Connected

People Online Today – Isolated and Connected

I create projects that bring people together in messy and wonderful ways that can’t exist in a purely binary world. If I nail a board to the trunk of a tree the board is, technically speaking, connected. But that doesn’t make it a branch of that tree. Only an intimately connected, living sprout, over time, will become the new limb we seek. Let’s you and me branch out and grow a whole forest in some corner of the universe together!

Something wonderful could happen. Or maybe it will be an ordinary kind of thing. The element of uncertainty in all of my projects is what gives them their value.  Would you like some unexpected positivity in your life today? Give me a call and let’s talk about the good things in your life.


Affirmative.org began as a phone-based service where people called one another and talked about things they were grateful for. Here is a sample of an actual Affirmative Call made by Anne:

Paper Lotus

Paper Lotus – Names + 🌼 = ∞ ♥

Return 2 Me

Return 2 Me – Global Mail Art Treasure Hunt

Giggle Puddle - Spreading Laughter One Belly at a Time

Giggle Puddle – Spreading Laughter One Belly at a Time

Major Bubbles from Sketch-it

Sketch-It – $1 + 1 minute = 1 sketch

Building at a Crossroads

1 Hour Documentary – Rebirth of a South Minneapolis Neighborhood and Iconic Building

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