Cookie Bomb

My Darling Cookie! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out! I’m sure I speak on behalf of every person you have helped find refuge and safe passage to a new life – thank you for all you are doing and to your bravery and love! – Amy Chappo

I don’t know you, Cookie, but what you’re doing is amazing. Much love and hugs. – Kate A Tildes

Huge amounts of love to you who give so much love to those who desperately need it. You are an amazing human being. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. ❤︎ – Michael Hargreave Mawson

What a wonderful person you must be to be doing such important work. We love you, and we’re so proud of you. – Amanda Good

I haven’t communicated with you, a lot, Cookie. But what I feel is that you’re a wonderful person and I love the work you’re doing. It’s so important. I love you and am super proud of you. –  Beatirce Luna

I’m glad to know there are people like you in the world, helping others is the most important overlooked thing. Peace love and happiness to you and all you help – Allie McDonald

You are the best kind of person out there helping other humans. I have so much respect for you, and what you are doing. Love and hugs x – Tot Gillian Ross

Love & hugs. U are a huge inspiration!! – Skye Cooper

The gift of Self and all it entails is the greatest gift we can give. It gives emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is the gift of time, love and presence.
Thank you for giving this gift as a testimony of your life. The good you do and the lives you touch is immeasurable.
Love, Hugs and Respect you inspire us all with everything you do.
Everyone loves a Cookie – Peter Balsom

Dearest Cookie,

I normally try to draw something for these love bombs but in this case I want to give you words and the words I have are too many for me to put in a time lapse video or anything so you get a love letter of a sort.

You probably don’t remember meeting me back in June but I’m the kind of awkwardly shy Canadian who turned up at the Union Chapel gig and Waterstones signing on my graduation-celebration trip. After the signing I couldn’t hang around because I had to catch an early flight to Scotland the next morning but before I left you gave me a good-bye hug.

It was the realest hug I think I’ve ever received.

I don’t know if you saw something on my face that said I needed it or if you just always hug almost-strangers like that but you kind of just pulled me in and held on for a moment and it was one of the most fiercely human moments of connection I’ve ever felt. Thank you for that gift, not just of the hug but of the understanding of its possibility in the world.

You’re one of those rare people who seems to see everyone and effortlessly extend your care and love to all and I consider myself incredibly blessed to not only have been on the receiving end of that hug but to have gotten to know you a little bit here in Slothland since then. When you started talking about going to help the refugees it seemed like a natural thing for someone with such a big heart and such an incredible capacity for love and recognition of the humanity of others. I think of you often and send secular humanist prayers/thoughts your way, grateful to know people like you are out there helping where they can, and reminded of that hug that day in the crowded basement of some bookshop in the middle of London.

Thank you. Thank you for going there and helping. Thank you for seeing hurting in the world and doing what you can to ease that suffering. Thank you for caring. Thank you for being you.

With love and ready reciprocal hugs always,
Amy Chap

Thank you Cookie Video – Scott Moore