Sam Bomb

We choose love. We choose you.


‘I was a chicken, Sam’
A big hug, full of love, from the other side of the world.
Keep fighting the good fight!!! – Jorge


You always tell us to choose love, so this seemed appropriate. You are an amazing person and an inspiration and I’m so glad to know you. Keep choosing love. – Donna



Dear Sam, the strength of your heart is like a beacon shining through the troubled waters of the world for anyone to see and navigate by. Thank you for being the beacon. – Hana


Sam, You are amazing and wonderful. You have the most beautiful heart and soul. My life is better having you in it. Always keep choosing love. heart emoticon – Norah

Dear Sam,

Choose love. This has become a phrase I see from you often and I feel that you are truly embodying that statement. You are such a strong and passionate person, never letting your moral compass and convictions be tossed to the wayside when interacting with others while still allowing a compassionate heart to see each side. You inspire so many of us to love deeply and here we are, pouring some of that love back to you. Thank you for being who you are and reminding us to choose love. – Steph


Sam – I know you and I have not spoke much so far, but I can already tell what a wonderful and awesome person you are. You are good and thoughtful and I am glad to have made your acquaintance. I hope that we can continue to get to know each other better. Thank you for being a sweet soul and brightening up all of our days. I painted this painting, especially for you. Simul means “Together” in Latin. We are this awesome group of fantastic people, all in this together. I am glad you are a part of my life. – Ashley


I may not be a real artist Sam, but I am a real friend. Pencil in a Cleveland Sloth meetup this spring, Dammit, I’m coming home! Much Love, Brother Sloth. /|\ (Calling this – “And Choose Love”) – Shane


Sam! Thank you for choosing love, and for reminding us all to do the same! I always enjoy hearing your thoughts and perspectives. Life is such a roller coaster, and I’m glad we get to ride along beside each other. For the tough times, and the times of doubt, I am sending you a ‘Goku of Encouragement’! d(^∇^)b Let’s keep choosing love together! ❤ \|/ – Hannah


Sam – You are wiser than you know and more beautiful than you see. \|/ ♡ ~ Korie

Screenshot 2016-02-14 11.42.05

Sam, there is so much beauty and wonderment rolled up in you. Perhaps this Ziggy Star Sloth comes close to containing it all. – Scott


Sam, your love, kindness and friendship is a gift to the world. I painted this in 2014 to give me strength. Today I pass it to you, so that you know your net is here and you can draw strength from us anytime. Much love! 💖- Kait